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Anterolateral Ligament Reconstruction

Anterolateral Ligament Reconstruction

The anterolateral ligament (ALL) is a band of tissues extending obliquely from the lower protuberance of the femur (thigh bone) to the upper and outer end of the tibia (shin bone). It provides stability during rotational movements of the knee.

Knee injuries are usually caused by twisting activities, which ruptures the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) inside the knee. The ALL is also thought to rupture in the process. Reconstruction of just the ACL often leaves the knee with increased laxity, so a combined ACL and ALL reconstruction is recommended to improve stability.

For ALL reconstruction, a graft is obtained usually from one of your hamstrings in the back of the leg. Incisions are made on the outside of the knee over your femur and tibia and tunnels are drilled into the bones. The graft is folded to correct thickness, inserted into the holes and secured with fixation devices.

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