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Patient Testimonials

Patient Testimonials

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Dr. Sweet is an excellent surgeon. He completed arthroscopic surgery on my right hip. He was able to cleanup the cartilage, cleaned up the arthritis and shaved down the bone Spurs.

I would highly recommend Dr. Sweet to anyone who is in discomfort to figure out what is causing your pain and map out a plan to get you feeling better.

Dr. Sweet’s staff, especially Anita are a tremendous asset to his practice.

Ronald L

I tore my left rotator cuff by falling something like the 3 stooges at the ice capades.

I tried to tough it out for almost a year with meds, physical therapy and basically stupidity.

I was scheduled for a surgery elsewhere. Suffice it to say, a very large cattle call type clinic. I didn’t like the vibe there so sought another opinion. Boy am I glad I did!!

Starting with the fact that Ocean Orthopedic and Sports medicine is an intimate, very well managed practice where you will feel heard and safe; add the expert talents (see Dr. Sweet’s bio and prepare to be awed.); “The Glue” and the lovely staff

all the nursing staff at the local specialty, outpatient surgical units that are separate from the hospital; the post-op care and now for the final results:

I have no pain. I have complete range of motion, I have strength and continue to build it as I follow a very detailed therapy regime.

I can’t recommend this elite, professional, personal, warm and fuzzy group of Doctors and staff more.

  • The Glue and M. Carey are staff members who hold Dr. Sweet up to his name!

Thanks everyone very much. Today the 23rd of December 2019 is exactly 4 months after my shoulder surgery.

Anyone for ice skating?

Susan L F

In 2017, I injured a knee. MRI showed a torn meniscus and cartilage damage (Grade 4). Dr Sweet scoped my knee in Dec 2017. The surgical procedure helped significantly, but I still had pain in the knee which was slowing me down.

In April, I received my first PRP injection at Dr Sweet’s office. I noticed significant improvement within a week. My knee has continued to gradually improve since the injection. Right now, I’m pain-free (no icing or meds) with the normal daily routines. I’m happy with the procedure/injection.

Roger W

I’ve seen Dr Sweet a couple of times now and will be back, been great so far. No pressure to rush into surgery, big plus. Gives good info & options. All of the staff is friendly and helpful, and Tracy Ward stands out! She has been the most proactive and helpful med person I’ve ever dealt with. Her diligence has ensured that I get the help I needed, and even helped keep me from forgetting things. Huge thanks to her!

Ken M.

I have been seeing Dr. Sweet and I must say he is just like his name. Soft spoken, mellow, knowledgeable, understanding and a very good listener. I am very happy with my visits with him. Highly recommended!

Angela S

I first started seeing Dr. Sweet in mid 2015 for my right knee. I saw a different doctor before hm to do surgery on it. I was very unimpressed. I went to Dr. Sweet to see if he could do anything to make it better. On my fist appointment he made me feel so comfortable. He actually listened to everything I had to say. I could tell he really cared about what I was saying. He did different tests and I needed more physical therapy. But I had complete trust in him. Well a year later and I started having carpal tunnel in both my hands. Well I knew I was going to go straight to Dr. Sweet. I went to see him and I was on the breaking point of tears. I needed something to happen or I truly thought I was going to lose my job. He lisened to everything I said about both my hands. He needed 1 test to confirm that it was carpal tunnel. After that, he said that he would perform surgery on my hands. He started with the left one… I am left handed so I was nervous starting off with my dominant hand. But I trusted Dr. Sweet. So the day of surgery he made me feel comfortable and answered questions and was very positive about it. About 2 days after surgery I could feel my fingers. (Could not feel them for 5 months.). I was so excited and happy that I could see a difference so quickly. The day my stitches were removed I could make a fist and I had feeling through my whole hand. I was so happy. Then about 2 weeks ago I had my right hand done. Literally the next day after surgery I could feel my fingers. I could kind of feel my hand but it was wrapped up. I just got my stitches out today and I feel all my fingers and my hand. I am so confident in what Dr. Sweet did. I know that when I go back to work in a few weeks I will be ready. I quickly could tell a difference by what he did. He is truly a very caring, kind, optimistic, extraordinary, inspiring, friendly, fabulous, positive, genuinely talented Doctor. I don’t think that there is any doctor better than him. Thank you Dr. Sweet for changing my life in so many ways!

Meghan M

I am so impressed by (and grateful for) the care given to me by Dr. Sweet, any time I get the opportunity to give him a positive review I can’t resist! The level of care he provides far surpasses that of any other doctor I have ever seen. I am so impressed. He patiently explained every detail of the treatment plan for my patella fracture, and really took the time to listen to and answer all questions I had. If I ever have to refer anybody I know to an orthopaedic surgeon, I will insist that they see Dr. Sweet. There isn’t anybody else I would go to if I needed one again. Thanks Dr. Sweet for the great care you have provided me!!

Lauri A

Very happy with how my appointment with Dr. Sweet went. Not only did the doctor actually listen to my problems but I walked out with solutions to my problems in that same appointment. He is very efficient and cares about his patients. The office staff was also very nice and friendly. Thanks again Dr. Sweet!

Jessica N

I was referred to Dr. Sweet by my primary care physician when I hurt my knee playing tennis. An MRI shown a torn meniscus. Fearing surgery, Dr. Sweet was honest and open about recovery with and without surgery. An excellent physical therapy was set up, but unfortunately my pain continued. Scheduling surgery was fast and efficient. The surgery center–I absolutely thought I was a star in a medical show on TV. Everyone from pre-op,OR,and post-op were fantastic and caring. Aftercare — simple exercises with easy instructions. Received 2 calls to see how I was doing AND a get well card signed by all involved from pre through surgery to post-op! Serious health care IS back. Thank you

Michael W

My experience as a patient of Dr. Sweet’s has been exceedingly positive. He performed carpal tunnel surgery on my right wrist fully relieving my symptoms. I was so pleased with the outcome that I scheduled the left wrist just a few months later. He patiently listened to my concerns, answered my numerous questions and provided information that was intelligent, but not overly technical. Dr. Sweet made himself available both before and after my surgery to address my pre-surgery jitters and my post-surgery expectations. He was always professional, patient and attentive. I feel very lucky that when I could no longer suffer with my carpal tunnel symptoms, my husband, who has been an orthopaedic RN for 20 years, recommended Dr. Sweet as the best local surgeon for the job. I have already recommended Dr. Sweet to others who may have orthopaedic or sports medicine problems and will continue to do so.

Michelle R

I am extremely happy with Dr. Stephan Sweet and the rotator cuff surgery he performed on me. I had been living with pain for years, and I am now pain-free. He explained the procedure, recovery, and the rehabilitation to myself and my family in a precise, clear, and understanding way. He is caring about his patients, and has made it clear that if I have any questions or concerns, I am not to hesitate to call. You are in great hands with Dr. Sweet.

Amy B

Dr. Sweet’s communication and surgical skills exceeded all my expectations, which as an athletic person, and mother of twin toddlers, was high. Unlike the other orthopedic doctors I met with, Dr. Sweet listened to my concerns, answered all my questions, and most impressively, took into consideration my lifestyle and obligations both before and after surgery to ensure the best possible outcome. I credit Dr. Sweet’s core belief that healing starts with a partnership between patient and doctor reaching a shared goal with why I now have full movement of my shoulder. I have returned to my active life, pain free. I truly believe if I had chosen one of the other orthopedic doctors I was considering, the outcome would have been nowhere near the success I experienced with Dr. Sweet.

Lesa S

When Dr. Sweet diagnosed my shoulder as a complete torn rotator cuff, I felt very reassured by his confident demeanor and skill. He was an excellent listener and paid close attention to what I had to tell him, both before and after the surgery. He took my concerns seriously, and paid careful attention to my progress during recovery. He also did an excellent job of explaining how the surgery would progress and what I should expect during recovery. Today, I am happy to report that I have had a full recovery. I have complete confidence in Dr. Sweet and would recommend him to anyone.

Sun N

We were very concerned when our daughter injured/fractured both her lower leg bones during gymnastics training. Dr. Sweet went through our options to get her back healthy & training. He presented this in a simple & caring manner that gave us as much confidence as you can have under such trying times. We are fortunate and trust his expertise and highly recommend him to family and friends. Thanks for all you do. You’re the best!.

Baloyo. A

After playing competitive soccer for multiple years, I tore my ACL and meniscus. I was very nervous for the long process of surgery and recovery but Dr. Sweet was very helpful, informative and reassuring. My surgery went smoothly and the recovery went according to plan. Dr. Sweet was there every step of the way and showcased his medical competency, as well as his natural compassion.

Delani K L


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